Firefly Pomeranians & Pomskies

Firefly's Little Pomeranian Ladies...

Ziva!  (Xena X Obi)

Orange Sable AKC Pomeranian

Loved by Amy

Blue and Tan Merle girl 

AKC Pomeranian future Firefly mama!

Lots of color behind this girl! 

Adored by Amy

Pixie (Dream X Diego)

Orange Sable AKC Pomeranian

Adored by Tami

Retiring soon...


Black and Tan Brindle AKC Pomeranian

Loved by Teri

Firefly's Siberian Husky Lady...


Red and White blue eyed Siberian Husky

Bree is our foundation Pomsky Mommy

Adored by Stacy of Firefly Pomskies


(Obi X Bree)

IPA registered 

Gorgeous Red and Tan plush coat

Bi-eyed; 1 blue 1 hazel Pomsky girl.

Loved by Amy of Firefly Pomskies