Firefly Pomeranians

Raising fun, family Puppies!


 Hi I'm Amy! 

I've loved animals my whole life. Since we only had one dog growing up I went straight to the books to educate myself on dogs;  dog breeds, health and conformation. Even to this day my library consists of Dog and Horse books. My mom and I would watch the Westminster Dog show every year together.  


I have had the pleasure of being owned by my Pomeranians since 2002, I've been hooked on Poms since my first one, my beloved Camille!  I think they are awesome little dogs, with a heart of gold. They can be the funniest little clowns and a fierce protector of the all important rawhide! Poms are easy to care for, even with a big thick double coat you only need to brush them once a week to maintain it. Training a Pom is very easy as well, my dogs even know a few cute tricks.  I love these dogs! I created this website and the Facebook pages to share my Pomeranians and their babies and Firefly Pomeranians was born! In 2015 we were able to purchase our very unique home on a 4 acre wooded lot just outside of town. We were also able to create my dream dog yard for our dogs and puppies to enjoy; running, playing, sun bathing and splashing in the kiddie pool. It's truly my little piece of heaven and theirs.  Welcome to our website!