Firefly Pomeranians

Raising fun, family Puppies!


 Hi I'm Amy! 

I've loved animals since I was a little girl. We only had one dog while I was growing up, so I went straight to the books to educate myself on all kinds of things about dogs;   breeds, coat colors, health and conformation. Even to this day my library consists of Dog and Horse books. My mom and I would watch the Westminster Dog show every year together.  


I have had the pleasure of being owned by my Pomeranians since 2002, I've been hooked on Poms since my first one, my beloved Camille!  I think they are awesome little dogs, with a heart of gold. They can be the funniest little clowns and a fierce protector of the all important chew toys!  Poms are easy to care for, even with a big thick double coat you only need to brush them once a week to maintain it. Training a Pom is very easy as well, my dogs even know a few cute tricks.  I just love Pomeranians!  I created this website and the Facebook page to share my Pomeranians and their babies. 

Our unique home is situated on 4 acres of partially wooded land just outside of town. We have created my dream dog yard for our dogs and puppies to enjoy; running, playing, sun bathing and splashing in the kiddie pool. It's truly my little piece of heaven and theirs.  Welcome to our website!